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Jade Genin : Chocolates or jewelry?

You like chocolate or you want to give a rare gift? We have tested for you a brand that signs chocolates of great finesse and subtlety.
A prestigious chocolate shop recently opened on Avenue de l'Opéra under the name Jade Genin. In Paris, the name Genin is not unknown: Jacques Genin is the pastry chef located at 27 rue de Varenne who has supplied his chocolate to great names such as Pâtisserie de Rêves or Angelina.

Who is Jade Genin ?

Yet a court lawyer, jade joined her father in 2019 to take charge of the communication and the Chocolate part of the family business. With a well-trained palate since childhood, she took a liking to the business and soon made her first creations. "When I work with chocolate, I no longer have any notion of time passing. I forget everything, fears or regrets, appearance or futility... I abandon myself to it" she says.
The laboratory is visible from the store and open on the rue des Petits champs. Feel free to admire the work from the street.
Jade is touched and inspired by the flavors of Asia; Japan, Korea, Thailand. From Jasmine to Tamarind, from Black Sesame to Ginger, Jade makes exotic aromas and colors vibrate for our greatest pleasure.

Jacques and jade Genin

There is no cream, milk, butter, white sugar, additives, preservatives or flavor enhancers in Jade Genin chocolate.

Jade Genin chocolate is made of strictly natural products: wild chamomile flowers, dried jasmine petals, Piedmont hazelnuts, Marcona almonds, Rapadura, extra virgin olive oil...

The pyramidion

It is the emblematic figure of Jade Genin chocolates. As a young girl, Jade's father presented her with a replica of the Louvre pyramid made of chocolate. "I was amazed. It was the most beautiful chocolate in the world.
The pyramidions are presented in a beautiful metal case with a logo. One is struck by the subtlety of the colors.

We tested 7 flavors. The aromatic palette is wide, the flavors respect the chocolate and are all in delicacy. It is very subtle, relatively unsweetened and probably the best chocolate we have tasted.
Here are some impressions:
  • Almond jasmine: the jasmine comes first. Chocolate cloud.
  • Creamy dark chocolate and chestnut honey: Impression of a praline flavor. Yet the chocolate does not contain any.
  • Tahitian vanilla: Very fresh texture. Attack then rather powerful of vanilla.
  • Gahghar: hint of salt, Greek pistachio and smoked black cardamom: finesse, singularity of the chocolate.
The portion is reduced. It is a chocolate designed for tasting. Gourmands may feel frustrated by the quantity, but isn't profusion the enemy of quality?

The Crocroquants

These small crocodiles are pieces to crunch where the praline is of a fine grade. They will seduce and educate the palate of children but also adults.

The Rochers

They are dark chocolate candies topped with puffed rice, or milk chocolate praline and malted wheat with a slightly peaty taste. It is a nomadic chocolate, very fresh and quite addictive. The crispness is nice.

Les Gingembres

In the spirit of orangette, this is a candied ginger that retains a slightly fibrous and peppery character on the finish. Also quite addictive.

This testing provided us with great emotions by the personality, the subtlety and the exoticism of the flavors, in a great respect of the natural aromas of prestigious cocoa. It is an expensive chocolate, but it is very different from the products of the most praiseworthy chocolatiers we know.
Do not deprive yourself, before leaving, of a hot chocolate with almond milk. It's powerful and enchanting and has no equal to the best hot chocolates we've been served.

​Jade Genin
33 avenue de l’Opéra - 75002 Paris
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm and Sunday from 11:30am to 6:30pm
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