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Kaspia: The reference of Caviar

Not to be missed

Here is a must for rare and refined food lovers, located just over 200 meters from the Relais Madeleine.

Kaspia, claiming authorship of the introduction of the caviar in France, is based at 30 rue des Mathurins in 1929 by the Russian expatriate Arcady Fixon. Maison Kaspia, which was at that point only a store, grows in 1953 on the occasion of its move to 17 Place de la Madeleine, opening a dining room upstairs.

The restaurant is quickly popular with Russian artists such as Rudolf Nureyev, the dancers of the Bolshoi, Mikhail Rudy, then by personalities from the world of high fashion such as Yves Saint Laurent and later Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, and John Galliano.

Delicatessen products of exception

The ground floor shop that one crosses when going to the restaurant upstairs offers an outstanding selection of caviar, salmon Smoked Norwegian, Baltic, and Scottish and other delicatessen meats like Pata Negra de Bellota, as well as fine wines and a beautiful range of Polish vodkas.

Pacific Keta salmon eggs at 12.50€, Imperial Baeri caviar (30gr) at 66€, smoked Scottish salmon Heart bio (150gr) at 23€

A mythical place that becAme an institution

The room decor is very classic and opulent. The atmosphere is cozy and old-fashioned, inspired by the original design in the tradition of the Russian aristocracy's salons of the early twentieth century. The room is partially encircled with display cases containing a fine collection of porcelain and Russian silverware of the 18th and 19th, and 4 canvas from the painters Svertchkov and Bogolyubov.

The first page of the menu is exclusively dedicated to caviar with six qualities: Baeri, white sturgeon, Osetra Selection, Reserve and Gold, and finally Beluga. The caviar is served in 30, 50, 80, or 125gr. The price for 30 grams ranges from 87€ to 366€. The caviar is also offered in duo or in bush (3 varieties)

You can also choose a poached egg on a bed of caviar (between 65€ and 171€ depending on the caviar) or a baked potato topped with caviar (between 89€ and 369 €). The menu then proposed carpaccio, salads, smoked fish, and some other delicacies.

We recommend the Rasputin menu, served at lunch for 76€, which includes a Norwegian smoked salmon and blinis, a baked potato topped with 20 grams of Baeri caviar and coffee.


Kaspia recipes

Kaspia offers 3 recipes including a topped baked potato, very easy to make. It is 30g of caviar per person. A recipe for two will cost you 132€ for Baeri caviar.

See the recipe: https://www.caviarkaspia.com

You can find on the web countless of more or less easy recipes to follow and make yourself for about two times less than if you choose a restaurant. It is one way to discover or rediscover a product that we rarely consume and you will be pleased to have prepared it yourself.

Caviar Passion recipes: http://www.caviarpassion.com/content/3-les_recettes_de_caviar (french only)

17, Place de la Madeleine - 75008 Paris  
Restaurant open Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 1am 
Deli open from 10am to midnight

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